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The Edge: A Sustainable Marvel in Amsterdam

The Edge: A Sustainable Marvel in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, Netherlands, The Edge stands as a shining example of sustainable architecture. Crafted by PLP Architecture and brought to life by OVG Real Estate in 2014, this extraordinary office building boasts numerous accolades, including the prestigious BREEAM Outstanding rating and LEED Platinum certification.

The building's framework, a triumph of recycling, consists of steel reborn from scrap metal. This eco-conscious choice significantly reduces the environmental footprint in multiple ways. Firstly, it lessens the demand for newly manufactured materials, conserving energy and precious resources while also curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Secondly, The Edge plays its part in diverting scrap steel away from landfills. Although scrap steel is one of the most commonly recycled materials, a substantial portion still finds its way into landfills. By incorporating recycled steel into the building's construction, a significant contribution is made to diminishing this waste.

Thirdly, The Edge contributes to fostering a sustainable and circular economy. In this economic model, materials are continuously repurposed and recycled, reducing the necessity for fresh extraction and production. By choosing recycled steel, the architects close the loop on the steel lifecycle, aligning with the principles of a circular economy.

As a metal recycling company, CM Metals recognizes The Edge's commitment to environmental responsibility, extending beyond its use of recycled steel, positioning it as a pioneer in sustainable design and construction. It stands as a testament to what's achievable when we prioritize sustainability in our architectural endeavors.


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