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Metal Junk Yard in New Jersey

Materials we don't accept

-Alkaline Batteries

-Lithium-Ion Batteries

-Radioactive Materials

-Hazardous Materials such as oil, anti-freeze, paint, etc.

-Non-metallics such as tires, dirt, garbage, asbestos, wood, insulation, fiberglass, roofing, etc.


-Sealed Cylinders

-Flammable Materials

-PCB’S (Capacitors, Ballasts, Transformers)

-Explosives (firearms, ammunition, shells)

-Other Hazardous Materials such as pesticides, oil filters, mercury switches, fluorescent lights, air bags, leads, CRTs etc.

-Units containing freon need to be either evacuated prior to coming to the scrap metal facility, or we can have it removed. If we provide the removal of the freon, we give no payment for the unit.

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