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Recycling Reinvented - 3D Printing with Recycled Metal is Changing the Game

Recycling Reinvented - 3D Printing with Recycled Metal is Changing the Game

At CM Metals, we've always been passionate about sustainable metal recycling in Dover, NJ. We divert tons of metal waste from landfills each year, giving it a new life and reducing the environmental impact of virgin metal production. But sustainability doesn't stop there. Today, we're excited to explore a revolutionary technology: 3D printing with recycled metal.

Extracting virgin metals from the earth is a resource-intensive and often destructive process. It requires vast amounts of energy, disrupts ecosystems through mining, and can pollute air and water. Recycling metals significantly reduces this burden.

3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) creates objects by building them up layer by layer from a digital model. Traditionally, this has used plastics. But 3D printing with recycled metal is taking center stage.

Here's how it benefits the environment:

  • Reduced Waste:  3D printing uses only the necessary material, minimizing scrap compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

  • Local Manufacturing:  3D printing allows for on-demand production, reducing the need for long-distance transportation and associated emissions.

  • Design Flexibility:  Complex, lightweight designs can be produced, reducing overall material use.

Imagine a future where:

  • Car parts are 3D printed using recycled aluminum, significantly reducing a car's weight and improving fuel efficiency.

  • Custom-made medical implants are 3D printed from recycled titanium, providing perfect fits and reducing reliance on virgin materials.

  • Buildings incorporate 3D-printed recycled steel structures,  saving on material and construction time.

At CM Metals, we pride ourselves on integrity and customer commitment. We are a service-oriented business specializing in the management of our customers' recycling and resource efficiency needs. We're always looking for ways to best align our services and products to your specific requirements.

While our team provides the resources and support to help you maneuver the unique regulations and challenges of the industry, our comprehensive recycling process ensures that residual metals are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

By embracing 3D printing with recycled metal, we can revolutionize manufacturing and create a more sustainable future. Join us on this exciting journey, contact CM Metals today!


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