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From Soda Cans to Skyscrapers: The Hidden World of Recycled Metal

From Soda Cans to Skyscrapers: The Hidden World of Recycled Metal

CM Metals in Dover, NJ is passionate about creating a sustainable future. But have you ever stopped to think about how much-recycled metal you encounter every day? It's everywhere, playing a vital role in our modern world!

Look around your house. That aluminum can you crushed this morning? It could be reborn as a sleek new bike frame. The copper pipes bringing water to your faucet? They might have been part of a car roof in a previous life. Recycled steel can be transformed into countless products, including:

  • The roof over your head: Metal roofing, a popular choice for its durability, often utilizes recycled materials.

  • Appliances that make life easier: From refrigerators to washing machines, recycled steel is a key component in many household appliances.

  • The can that holds your favorite drink: The majority of aluminum beverage cans are made from recycled aluminum!

  • Transportation: Cars, trains, bicycles, and even airplanes all rely on recycled metals for their construction.

  • The very buildings we live and work in: Structural beams, pipes, and other building materials often contain recycled steel and aluminum.

By choosing to recycle metal, you're directly contributing to a more sustainable future. Here's how you can play your part:

  • Know what's recyclable: CM Metals accepts a wide variety of metals like copper steel and aluminum. Click Here to learn more about what metals we accept!

  • Recycle right: Separate your metals from other recyclables and keep them clean if possible for efficient processing.

  • Spread the word: Talk to friends and family about the importance of metal recycling.

CM Metals: Your Partner in Sustainability

At CM Metals, we're committed to making metal recycling a convenient and rewarding experience. We offer competitive prices, fast and friendly service, and a dedication to environmentally responsible practices.

Together, let's turn yesterday's metal into a sustainable tomorrow!

Visit CM Metals today and discover how you can contribute to a greener future.


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