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Easy Tips for Identifying Scrap Metal and Helping the Planet at CM Metals!

Identifying Scrap Metals for Recycling

Ever clean out a drawer or garage and unearth a mysterious hunk of metal? Is it worth anything or where it even goes? Well, you might be surprised! Many types of scrap metal are valuable and highly recyclable. But with all the gleaming chrome and dull steel out there, how do you know what you've got?  Don't worry, CM Metals is here to help!

The ABCs of Scrap Metal:

  • Magnetic Marvels: Grab a magnet! If it sticks, you've likely got ferrous metals like steel or iron. These are common and still valuable for recycling.

  • The Shine Factor: Does your metal gleam a warm, reddish hue? It could be copper, a prized metal in the recycling world. Look for copper pipes, wires, or sheets.

  • Lightweight Champions: Aluminium is another superstar. Check for lightweight cans, pots, or even lawn furniture. It won't stick to a magnet but is often silvery or grayish.

  • Beyond the Basics: Brass (a golden mix of copper and zinc) and stainless steel (known for its rust resistance) are also valuable recyclables. Look for yellowish metals or those with a distinctive shine.

Unveiling the Mystery Metal:

  • Let the Label Do the Talking: Sometimes, appliances or other metal objects will have labels indicating the material. A quick check can save you time!

  • The Scratch Test: Gently scratch an inconspicuous area. Copper will leave a reddish mark, while aluminum won't scratch easily. Steel will leave a grayish mark and may be harder to scratch than aluminum.

Sustainability Starts at Home!

Recycling scrap metal isn't just about putting cash in your pocket (though that's a perk!).  It's about creating a more sustainable future. Recycling uses less energy than mining new resources, reducing pollution and conserving our planet's precious resources.

Bring your newfound metal knowledge to CM Metals!  We accept a wide variety of scrap metals and make the recycling process quick, convenient, and rewarding. You'll be surprised at what you can unearth and the positive impact you can make on the environment.

Visit CM Metals today to learn more about metal recycling and see how much your hidden treasures are worth!

160 Richards Ave, Dover, NJ

(973) 366-2716


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