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CM Metals: Your Friendly Scrap Metal Buyers!

CM Metals: Your Friendly Scrap Metal Buyers!

Got scrap metal cluttering up your life? Whether you're a titan of industry or a weekend warrior of DIY, CM Metals welcomes you with open arms (and heavy-duty scales)! Everyone's a winner when it comes to recycling metal with us.

Who does CM Metals Partner With?

  • Manufacturers: Got mountains of metal leftovers from your production line? We'll take them!

  • Tradesmen: Plumbing leftovers, old electrical wires, busted tools? Leave them to us!

  • Metal Collectors: Hustling hard and overflowing with scrap? We're your buyers!

  • Demolition Companies: Clearing a site and drowning in metal debris? We'll clean it up!

  • Homeowners: Spring cleaning unearthed some rusty relics? We'll give them a new lease on life!

What Treasures Do You Likely Have?

  • Copper: From pipes to pans, this fiery red metal fuels our love for conductivity.

  • Brass: Shiny and versatile, it brings brightness to our recycling bounty.

  • Aluminum: The lightweight champion, it's always welcome in our cans and coils.

  • Steel: The backbone of modern life, it finds new purpose in our robust hands.

But Hold On, CM Metals Makes Your Recycling Journey Super Smooth!

  • On-site pickup: Can't face the haul? We'll come to you like metal-loving knights in shining trucks.

  • Container service: Need a temporary metal mansion? We'll drop one off and whisk it away when it's full.

  • Drop-off service: Prefer a DIY adventure? Our doors are always open for convenient drop-offs.

  • Competitive pricing: We give your scrap the respect it deserves with fair and competitive rates.

  • Fast payment: No waiting in line for coins here! We get your hard-earned cash in your hands quickly.

Still Have Questions? Reach out Here. We're Here to Help!

Don't let metal mysteries hold you back from recycling riches! Give us a call, send an email, or drop by in person. We're always happy to answer your questions and guide you on your scrap metal selling journey.

Remember, recycling metal isn't just good for your wallet, it's good for the planet. So join the CM Metals community and turn your trash into treasure! Contact Us Today!


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